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Senior Citizens Scheme Telephone No. 0712- 2564333

Senior Citizen Scheme Registration Form

Nagpur police has started a Senior Citizen Helpline scheme to ensure the safety of senior citizens. The main features of the scheme are as follows:-
a. Registration of senior citizens at the Senior Citizen Helpline Cell - Tel. No. 0712-2564333.
b. Every fortnight a policeman is visiting the registered senior citizen.
c. During night round the concerned area has given more importance.
d. If the concerned senior citizen rings up the number and makes a complaint, the police will visit his house. The senior citizen is not needed to visit the police station.
e. Only those senior citizens who stay alone are covered by this scheme.

Women Helpline Telephone No. 1091 (toll free)

Women is amongst the most vulnerable sections in any social order. A large number of them face violence at the hands of the strangers, family members and others known to them. Such abuse may take place even at homes and work places. The violence may be in form of psychological abuse and actual physical abuse. Victims in most cases cannot take recourse to the criminal justice system for a variety of reasons including the fear of social stigma and lack of knowledge about the institutions, that could come to their rescue.In order to provide necessary assistance to such victims, a round the clock ‘Women Helpline' had been set up at the Nagpur City Police Control Room.

Alert Citizens Scheme

Nagpur Police has launched an Alert Citizen Scheme in which all citizens are encouraged to help the police by providing timely information and actionable intelligence.  All that the alert citizen has to dial the police control room i.e. 100 (4 lines) or 2561222 and give the relevant information regarding the crime or a criminal.  This way all citizens can become policemen sans uniform and the city can become a safer and more peaceful place to live in.

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